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Technology & Industry Diamond Partner

Trina Storage, a business unit of Trina Solar, is a global energy storage system provider dedicated to transforming the way we provide energy. Our mission is to lead the renewable energy transition through cost-effective storage and to provide Solar For Everyone by expanding solar generation at scale.

Building on 20+ years of solar experience, we deliver cost-effective and flexible solutions to utilities and developers around the world.

Platinum Sponsor

Wärtsilä Energy

Wärtsilä Energy leads the transition towards a 100% renewable energy future. We help our customers unlock the value of the energy transition by optimising their energy systems and future-proofing their assets. Our offering comprises flexible power plants, energy management systems, and storage, as well as lifecycle services that ensure increased efficiency and guaranteed performance. Wärtsilä has delivered 72 GW of power plant capacity in 180 countries around the world.


EDF Energy


EDF is helping Britain achieve Net Zero by leading the transition to a cleaner, low emission electric future and tackling climate change. It is the UK’s largest producer of low-carbon electricity, meeting around one-fifth of the country’s demand and supplying millions of customers with electricity and gas.

EDF is the largest aggregator of distributed flexible assets in Europe with significant presence in the UK, France, Germany and Belgium. We are committed to the long-term future of energy storage systems and the critical role they play in the energy transition. Since 2017, EDF has traded third party owned assets via our proprietary flexibility platform, Powershift, with over 250MW in our portfolio.

Gold Sponsor


Huawei offers leading Smart PV solutions harnessing more than 30 years of expertise in digital information technology.

By integrating AI and Cloud, Huawei further incorporates many latest ICT technologies with PV for optimal power generation, thus making the solar power plant to be Highly Efficient, Safe & Reliable with Smart O&M and Grid Supporting capabilities and builds the foundation for solar to become the main energy source. For solar energy users, Huawei launched advanced solution for C&I and residential customers based on the ‘Optimal Electricity Cost and Active Safety’ concept. By improving the utilization of solar power, Huawei has helped to power millions of residents and hundreds of industries globally. Huawei will continue to innovate and enable renewable energy to empower each individual, home, and organization.

Silver Sponsor

Arenko Group

Arenko Group is a world leading battery software and controls platform. Arenko’s enabling software platform uses proprietary and proven automation technology to allow asset owners to optimise their battery performance. Arenko’s automation technology connects and optimises both the battery’s technical and commercial performance using AI, enhanced analytics and deep learning algorithms. Arenko’s vision is to be the preferred asset optimisation and trading platform to unlock value for batteries worldwide.


Founded in 1997 by University Professor Cao Renxian, Sungrow Power Supply Co., Ltd. is the world’s most bankable inverter brand. With over 154 GW installed worldwide as of December 2020, Sungrow is committed to providing clean power for all.

In 2006, Sungrow ventured into the energy storage system industry. Relying on its cutting-edge renewable power conversion technology and industry-leading battery technology, Sungrow focuses on integrated energy storage system solutions. The core components of these systems include PCS, lithium-ion batteries and energy management system. These “turnkey” ESS solutions can be designed to meet the demanding requirements for residential, C&I and utility-side applications alike, committed to making the power interconnected reliably.

After 15 years of growth, Sungrow is on the path to becoming the world-leader in supply of ESS equipment and integrated system solutions, with zero security incidents. Last year, Sungrow shipped more than 800 MWh ESS worldwide, ranging from islands and high altitude plateaus to ports and residential installations.

Bronze Sponsors

Carbon Neutral Energy
Carbon Neural Energy have developed a revolutionary Energy Storage Solution that will support both the environmental issues and storage shortages for power to help reduce wastage.

Based in Scotland we have developed a unique and innovative solution offering storage and delivery of green electric power, in a mobile and modular format.

CNEs Offering have the key features:

10 Year Life
Low Maintenance
Unique Commercial Model
Zero Emissions

The range of power capacity is from 1MW to 5MW in the form of a mobile unit with a suite of smaller static modules that can also be combined to create large energy storage which can be customised to meet any size of customer power requirements at any location, potentially creating gigawatt storage systems.

Thus fulfilling a global demand for mobile power storage solutions, with the added benefit of aiding the issue of unnecessary pollution in this era of electrification.

Please visit our website for further information.

Centrica Business Solutions

Centrica Business Solutions, part of Centrica plc, is an international energy and services company with offices in North America, the United Kingdom and Europe, including Antwerp, Uithoorn, Milan, Budapest, Hamburg.
Centrica Business Solutions provides energy solutions that meet the evolving needs of customers and offers integrated energy solutions to businesses and other large energy users to improve performance and cost management, drive decarbonisation, strengthen resilience, and create opportunities for growth. Centrica Business Solutions has built Europe’s largest battery storage facilities at Roosecote, UK, to supply power to thousands of homes and businesses across Cumbria. Centrica also forms a unique partnership with battery supplier, Tesla, and the Belgian Transmission System Operator, Elia, delivering a Virtual Power Plant (VPP) helping consumer and industrial customers like Terhills, to monetise their energy investment. Last November 2020, Centrica reaffirmed its pioneering position in the flexibility market by operating a 10MW/20MWh battery on behalf of EStor-Lux (joint venture between Rent-a-Port, Idelux, Socofe and SRIW) in the province of Luxembourg. This will be the very first battery park of its kind in the Walloon region, and the biggest one in Belgium – planned to be operational mid-2021.

For more information please contact us: centricabusinesssolutions.BE@centrica.com


Chromalox is a thermal technology company. We engineer thermal solutions for the world’s toughest industrial heating applications. Our Heat Trace segment delivers temperature management solutions for piping systems, valves, and tanks. Our Industrial Heaters and Systems segment delivers process heating solutions for revenue-generating industrial processes, and our Component Technologies segment delivers component heating solutions for industrial equipment manufacturers. Chromalox was founded in 1917 and is headquartered in Pittsburgh, PA, USA.

Highview Power

Highview Power is a developer of long duration, liquid air energy storage plants, based on its propriety cryogenic technology, called the CRYOBattery™. The CRYOBattery takes ambient air, cools it, stores it as a liquid, and then converts it back into a pressurized gas that drives turbines to produce electricity. Highview Power’s liquid air long duration energy storage systems offer multiple gigawatt hours of storage, are scalable with no size limitations or geographic constraints, and produce zero emissions. They deliver the lowest-cost clean energy storage solution for large scale, long duration applications. Liquid air energy storage plants are being developed in the US, UK, Europe, Latin America, and other markets.


Headquartered in Switzerland, Leclanché SA is a leading provider of high-quality energy storage solutions designed to accelerate our progress towards a clean energy future. Leclanché’s history and heritage is rooted in over 100 years of battery and energy storage innovation and the Company is a trusted provider of energy storage solutions globally. This coupled with the Company’s culture of German engineering and Swiss precision and quality, continues to make Leclanché the partner of choice for both disruptors, established companies and governments who are pioneering positive changes in how energy is produced, distributed and consumed around the world. The energy transition is being driven primarily by changes in the management of our electricity networks and the electrification of transport, and these two end markets form the backbone of our strategy and business model. Leclanché is at the heart of the convergence of the electrification of transport and the changes in the distribution network. Leclanché is the only listed pure play energy storage company in the world, organised along three business units: stationary storage solutions, e-Transport solutions and specialty batteries systems.

Li-ion Tamer

Li-ion Tamer® is an off-gas detection system designed to provide the earliest warning of lithium ion battery failures.  The gas detection technology was developed by Nexceris for the U.S. Navy to improve the safety of large format lithium ion batteries used on board naval ships.  Li-ion Tamer is now being deployed in utility, C&I and residential energy storage systems around the globe. The gas monitors are installed around a battery system to provide monitoring of battery failures that is independent from existing monitoring and controls systems.  This redundancy improves the functional safety of any battery system and allows detection of battery failures before thermal runaway occurs, unlike smoke and traditional gas sensors. This early warning allows the system to be shut down before a fire starts in the energy storage system.  Protect your People, Property and Brand with Li-ion Tamer.

Learn more at liiontamer.com/


Energy Storage Systems

Saft specializes in advanced technology battery solutions for industry, from the design and development to the production, customization and service provision. Our ESS Division provides Energy Storage Systems on a turnkey basis worldwide. We combine our containerized lithium-ion batteries with power conversion and power management systems and ensure full installation to the point of grid connection in one of our project execution hubs in the US, Europe and Asia.

For more than 100 years, Saft’s longer-lasting batteries and systems have provided critical safety applications, back-up power and propulsion for our customers. Our innovative, safe and reliable technology delivers high performance on land, at sea, in the air and in space. Saft is powering industry and smarter cities, while providing critical back-up functionality in remote and harsh environments from the Arctic Circle to the Sahara Desert. Saft is a wholly owned subsidiary of TotalEnergies, a broad energy company that produces and markets energies on a global scale: oil and biofuels, natural gas and green gases, renewables and electricity.

Siemens Gamesa

Siemens Gamesa is a global leader in the wind power industry, with a strong presence in all facets of the business: offshore, onshore and services. The company’s advanced digital capabilities enable it to offer one of the broadest product portfolios in the sector as well as industry-leading service solutions, helping to make clean energy more affordable and reliable. With more than 107 GW installed worldwide, Siemens Gamesa manufactures, installs and maintains wind turbines, both onshore and offshore. The company’s orders backlog stands at €30.2 billion. The company is headquartered in Spain and listed on the Spanish stock exchange (trading on the Ibex-35 index).


Founded in 1922, Watlow strives to be the leading provider of thermal solutions for the world’s most demanding applications. Utilizing our advanced technology, leading companies apply our thermal systems which are ideally suited for vital applications such as clean and environmentally-friendly energy systems and processes, front-end semiconductor processing and lifesaving medical and clinical equipment. In energy storage Watlow provides adaptive control for critical thermal systems. Watlow is your partner to solve complex thermal challenges for any storage medium.

White & Case

White & Case is a global law firm who helps clients in the power industry to navigate myriad legal challenges, including fluctuating market conditions, regulatory uncertainty, governmental investigations and continuous advances in renewable and clean energy technologies. White & Case works with sponsors, operators and financiers to meet their commercial objectives by advising on the entire life cycle of renewables assets, from early stage development, regulation, commercial contracts, construction & project financing through to structuring and executing mergers & acquisitions and disputes and arbitration.

Supporting Sponsor

Drive Efficiency, Boost Reliability, and Improve Performance Across Your Operations with Honeywell’s Outcome-based Lifecycle Management

Honeywell’s technology allows energy producers to reduce their LCOE, microgrid owners to optimize their operations, and C&I clients to achieve their corporate sustainability goals. OEMs can also benefit from our programs, which will enable them to provide long-term remote monitoring and operation services to end-users. Across solar, wind, hydro, geothermal, biomass, marine and energy storage, Honeywell has the solutions to deliver reliable long-term solutions for renewable generation and storage. Secure and compliant, efficient and flexible, we provide real-time visibility and control across assets, operations and enterprises, as well as market leading services. Efficiency, reliability, safety, flexibility and resilience: we’ll help build a better business to meet the challenges of tomorrow’s energy generation.

Honeywell’s renewable solutions and services provide outcome-based lifecycle management programs, offering guarantees to meet mutually agreed KPIs. Delivered under a long-term service agreement, our programs are supported by infrastructure built using Honeywell’s sophisticated hardware and software solutions. We also provide systems integration of critical third-party technology.



Established in 2000, with a focus on renewable energy infrastructure management, Inaccess specializes in SCADA monitoring and control systems. The company designs and develops state-of-the-art products and solutions that provide its customers with invaluable access to data and information, enabling them to maximize the viability and effectiveness of their investments. Today, Inaccess systems manage more than 21GW of PV generation across 2,500 solar plants worldwide. With headquarters in London, UK and local offices in the USA, Europe, South America, and Asia, Inaccess is one of the leading vendors of converged infrastructure monitoring platforms worldwide.


KNESS is a leading Ukrainian group of companies on the renewable and traditional energy market with its in-house R&D center, manufacturing, project management and execution divisions. The group provides turn-key solutions from the greenfield development to the EPC, O&M services, power supply, PV generation accounting and forecasting.

Energy balance management comprises comprehensive solutions for power supply, formation of electricity mix from locally installed generation sources and from the external grid. Over the last 11 years, KNESS has successfully completed more than 200 projects in the renewable and traditional energy segments including 105 SPPs with a peak power capacity of 1,3 GW.

KNESS is the only industrial solar modules manufacturer in Ukraine with an annual production capacity of 200 MW. PV modules production is supported by the continuous improvements and innovative solutions of the in-house R&D center, actively working also on complex solutions for the renewable energy sector (hybrid energy supply incl. hydrogen technologies, BESS complex, power electronics etc.).

KNESS is a bankable and trusted partner actively cooperating with leading multinational companies and financial institutions.

Editorial Partners

Current+ Current± is the leading source of news, insight and opinion as the energy transition accelerates. Current± engages with its readers on a daily basis. News stories, insightful blogs, in-depth analysis and carefully selected guest content are uploaded each day, and our Daily Snapshot emails inform more than 14,700 industry professionals every morning. Since its launch in May 2018, traffic has more than trebled as Current± has found its footing within the energy transition, and we have sizeable plans for its growth moving forward. current-news.co.uk
Energy-Storage.news Energy-Storage.news offers a full news service along with in-depth analysis on important topics and industry developments, covering notable projects, business models, policies and regulations, technical innovations and more. The website, from the makers of PV Tech, is an essential tool for anyone within the energy storage value chain. Energy-Storage.news


Association for Borderless Renewables Environmental imperatives, including the need to combat global warming, require that all nations contribute what they can to the transition from energy sources reliant upon fossil fuels to renewables. Some regions have additional strategic motives for moving away from oil and gas. But those motives do not lessen the obligation to cooperate with each other. We have therefore established Association for Borderless Renewables both to foster private investment in this conversion process and to promote cross-border collaboration on projects between regions and countries; with our current focus on the transformation in the United Arab Emirates and Saudi Arabia. borderlessrenewables.com

Catapult Energy Systems Catapult is an independent, not-for-profit centre of excellence that bridges the gap between industry, government, academia and research. It was set up to accelerate the transformation of the UK’s energy system and ensure UK businesses and consumers capture the opportunities of clean growth.

The Catapult takes a whole systems view of the energy sector, helping identify and address innovation priorities and market barriers to decarbonise the energy system at least cost.

Guy Newey, Director of Strategy and Performance at the Catapult, is taking part in the panel session: Beyond Lithium-Ion, discussing if li-ion will still be the most popular storage technology in five years’ time, and what industry can do to close the cost-gap for green hydrogen projects. catapult.org.uk

Clean Energy Pipeline Clean Energy Pipeline is the leading independent source of news, data and analytics for the renewables finance industry. Subscribers receive access to a real-time data platform covering clean energy finance transactions across every global market, including Project Finance, M&A, Public Markets, Green Bonds and Venture Capital & Private Equity. cleanenergypipeline.com
Climate 17 We are recruitment specialists across Clean Energy & Environmental markets. Our team has been recruiting in renewable energy since 2007, and we have an extensive network of professionals within this sector.

Climate17 have a track record of placing positions at all levels throughout the project lifecycle – from Acquisition, through development, consents and construction, to operation and asset management. We take a partnership approach in working with our clients on hard-to-fill positions where we can bring value, usually engaging on assignments on an exclusive basis; this allows us to dedicate the time and resources necessary to identify the best possible candidates available in the market for their requirements. We can assist in defining and scoping roles, setting informed remuneration packages, creating attractive and compelling job adverts, and effective resourcing plans.

To hear more about how we can help, get in touch with the team at Climate17, and speak with one of our specialist consultantsClimate17.com

Electricity Storage Network The ESN was established in 2008 as the UK industry group dedicated to electricity storage. It includes a broad range of electricity storage technologies and members, such as electricity storage manufacturers and suppliers, project developers, users, electricity network operators, consultants, academic institutions, and research organisations. The Electricity Storage Network
Energy UK Energy UK is the trade association for the energy industry with over 100 members spanning every aspect of the energy sector – from established FTSE 100 companies right through to new, growing suppliers and generators, which now make up over half of our membership. We represent the diverse nature of the UK’s energy industry with our members delivering over 80% of both the UK’s power generation and energy supply for the 28 million UK homes as well as businesses. The energy industry invests £13bn annually, delivers £31bn in gross value added on top of the £95bn in economic activity through its supply chain and interaction with other sectors, and supports 738,000 jobs in every corner of the country. Energy UK

Eurogas Eurogas is an association representing the European gas wholesale, retail and distribution sectors towards the EU institutions. Founded in 1990, Eurogas currently comprises 51 companies and associations from 24 countries.
Eurogas aims to strengthen the role of gas in the energy mix through ongoing dialogue with European industry players, global gas producers, and relevant institutions and organisations.
Eurogas promotes the smooth functioning of the European internal gas market, supports the EU’s climate goals, and provides structured support to its members on EU policy issues. eurogas.org

The Association for Renewable Energy and Clean Technology (REA) The Association for Renewable Energy and Clean Technology (known as the REA) is the UK’s largest trade association for renewable energy and clean technologies with around 550 members operating across heat, transport, power, and natural capital. The REA is a not-for-profit organisation representing fourteen sectors, ranging from biogas and renewable fuels to solar and electric vehicle charging. Membership ranges from major multinationals to sole traders. The REA’s Energy Storage Forum represents all forms of energy storage technologies. Membership ranges from equipment manufacturers to developers of storage projects in homes, co-located with renewable energy assets, and standalone systems. Technologies covered range from Lithium-ion batteries to pumped hydro and compressed air energy storage. r-e-a.net/our-members-forum/energy-storage/

Regen Regen is a not-for-profit centre of energy expertise and market insight whose mission is to transform the world’s energy systems for a zero carbon future. Regen offers independent expert advice and market insight on all aspects of sustainable energy delivery. We use our technical expertise, industry research and policy knowledge to support a range of public and private sector organisations to make the most of their clean energy opportunitiesregen.co.uk

RECHARGE Representing the battery industry of the future, RECHARGE is the industry association of the advanced rechargeable and lithium batteries value chain in Europe. Advanced rechargeable batteries are a strategic key technology that contribute to a more empowered, sustainable and circular economy by enabling decarbonized electricity and mobility. Founded in 1998, RECHARGE’s unique membership covers all aspects of the battery value chain: From suppliers of primary and secondary raw materials, to battery and original equipment manufacturers (OEMs), to logistic partners and battery recyclers. For more information, visit rechargebatteries.org or follow us at @RechargeEurope.
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