2022 Agenda

 - 09:00 GMT
 - 10:10 GMT
Panel Discussion

As many power producers and suppliers move towards the retirement of fossil fuels and the need for energy storage increases, this panel will examine the role storage could play and what barriers remain.

  • Repurposing fossil fuel projects - are there opportunities in this space for investors?
  • The economic case for renewable generation and storage
  • The importance of grid flexibility and how storage enables this as renewables generation increases
Ben Guest
, Managing Director
, Gresham House
Dr. Neville Towers
, Director of Wholesale Markets Optimisation
 - 11:30 GMT
 - 11:50 GMT
 - 12:35 GMT
Panel Discussion

With increasing reliance on renewable generation, we explore how the energy system can be optimized to provide reliability and resilience in the face of low inertia and intermittency issues

  • Utilising software and data to enable more efficient transmission of energy to consumers
  • What value does integrating a more intelligent, data focused system hold for businesses and could this lead to a more decentralized energy system
  • How can innovative regulatory frameworks be introduced to allow the digital transformation to make an impact
Devrim Celal
, KrakenFlex
Stuart Fenner
, Head of Energy Trading Services
 - 14:30 GMT
 - 15:15 GMT
Panel Discussion

With rapid increase in demand for batteries, we examine where the supply of batteries will come from and how developers can create stability in their supply chain through evaluating suppliers.

  • Evaluating technology: Assessing bankability
  • Can stationary projects compete with battery demand in EVs?
  • Looking at sustainability - will European Gigafactories improve efficiency in the supply chain?
Alicja Kowalewska
, Principal - Energy Storage
, Gore Street Capital
Chris Hewett
, Solar Energy UK
Julian Jansen
, Growth & Market Development Director
, Fluence
 - 15:15 GMT
Panel Discussion

With increased interest in longer duration storage options, how do policy and regulations need to change to allow more stability for developers and investors. This panel will assess the need for longer duration storage and cut through the jargon to assess bankability and examine how these new technologies will fit into the market.

  • What technologies are viable for investors and developers?
  • How will long duration batteries compete in a market dominated by Lithium-ion?
  • Long term pricing laws and minimum revenue guarantee from government
Mark Wilson
, ILI Energy
Hugh McDermott
, Senior Vice President Business Development & Sales
, ESS Inc
Steve Marshall
, Project Development Manager
, Drax
 - 16:00 GMT
Panel Discussion

This session will see investors, lenders and project sponsors discuss the policy mechanisms they need to see in order to continue to deploy storage at scale.

  • Are incentives needed in this market?
  • What is investor appetite for auctions?
  • Should there be adders for colocation?
  • What additional support do we need from networks?


Heleen Groenenberg
, Senior Electricity Market Developer
, TenneT
Chris Morrison
, Managing Director
, Macquarie Capital
Ezio Ravaccia
, Solar Ventures and Solar Ventures Capital
Peter Dove
, SoloS Power
 - 15:35 GMT
Fireside Chat
Georgina Morris
, Innovation Programme Manager
, Department of Business, Energy and Industrial Strategy
 - 16:00 GMT
Panel Discussion

How can you mitigate against fire risk and establish frameworks that prioritise safety as we see an increase in operational battery storage systems.

  • Do ‘off-the-shelf’ cooling systems provide less risk?
  • Thermal runaway and Lithium-ion
  • What effect will this have on securing insurance?
 - 16:30 GMT
 - 17:15 GMT
Panel Discussion

As the storage market progresses and more joint ventures emerge, how can businesses utilise strategic partnerships to enable successful transactions.

  • Establishing lasting business relationships
  • Maintaining competition from smaller companies in the market
  • How to navigate larger transactions
Matt Allen
, Pivot Power
Rosalind Smith-Maxwell
, Vice President
, Quinbrook
Louise Dalton
, Partner
 - 17:15 GMT
Panel Discussion

What role can storage play in updating grid infrastructure and in which locations is this necessary?

  • Hybridisation of fossil fuel plants and using existing infrastructure
  • How can storage drive out virtual transmission assets to reinforce future energy infrastructure?
Berto Martins
, Deputy Director of Energy Markets
Robert O'Rourke
, Manager, Electricity Networks
, CRU Ireland
Charles Wood
, Deputy Director, Policy
, Energy UK
 - 18:00 GMT
Panel Discussion

As energy providers move away from reliance on fossil fuels and look towards renewables, we examine how colocation can benefit storage.

  • Where should storage make its main play – solar or wind – and can either compete with the benefits of standalone projects?
  • Where does the risk lie and is this exclusive to the location?
Julia Badeda
, Head of Hybrid Energy and Battery Storage Systems
, ABO Wind
Yonna Vitanova
, Senior Policy Analyst
, Renewable UK
John Pollard
, Investment Manager
 - 18:00 GMT
Panel Discussion

This theme of content will look at understanding why asset management and data is important to fulfilling promised capacity.

  • Planning for the future and ensuring Energy Capacity Warrantees
  • What can we learn from solar and wind projects?
  • Pre-empting problems and establishing a robust Asset Management plan
Justin Thesiger
, Director of Operations and Asset Management
, Low Carbon
Rob Mattholie
, Senior Asset Manager
Daniel Burke
, Asset Manager
, Gore Street Capital
 - 20:00 GMT
 - 23:00 GMT

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