Andy Hadland Speaker at Energy Storage Summit 2024

Andy Hadland

Andy is part of the founding team at Arenko and he created the vision for first versions of the Arenko software platform and led the team for the first three years.  He then transitioned to Chief Product Officer to focus on ensuring Arenko are focused on creating a world leading platform that solves the urgent problems for the industry now and in the future. He is passionate about applying data science to solve difficult problems and uses this to drive performance across the energy industry. During the covid-19 demand suppression in 2020, he came up with the ‘reserve from storage in the BM’ concept which led to three successful trials with National Grid ESO.

He is part of the newly created Technology Advisory Council for National Grid ESO, he has been an Energy Institute (EI) Trustee & Council member since 2015 and a regular guest lecturer at Imperial College Energy Futures Lab on topics such as energy storage, thermodynamics, and electric vehicles.  He was founding chair of the EI Young Professional Network, which is now present in multiple locations across the globe. He has been invited to speak at high-level roundtables with BEIS and was part of a record-breaking team that designed and built an all-electric supercar (the SR-Zero) which drove 26,000km from Alaska to Argentina back in 2010.

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