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Nippon Koei Energy Europe B.V. (NKEE), registered in the Netherlands in 2018, is a wholly owned subsidiary of Nippon Koei Co., Ltd. (NK). NK was founded in 1946 and is a listed company in Japan with a turnover equivalent to approximately 1 billion USD in 2019 with 4,900 employees and had during the last 73 years provided engineering consulting and EPC services in more than 160 countries. NK supports energy transition and sustainable development worldwide via investment in projects focused on new business models such as flexibility assets (energy storage), hydro power plants and VPP through NKEE in Europe.



Utiligroup is a market leading provider of innovative software and services to the energy and utilities industry.

Utiligroup makes energy smarter for everyone, serving Energy Suppliers, Distribution, Grid Operators, Metering organisations and Traders, ensuring that their consumers are empowered through increased competition, smarter technology and improved customer services. Utiligroup helps energy companies to grow profitably through advanced back office automation technology and managed services and has significantly reduced the barrier to entry for new market entrants, helping to catalyse the independent supplier sector in the UK.



NGK Insulators

NGK Insulators, Ltd., founded in 1919, is a Japan-based company mainly engaged in the provision of ceramic products. NGK was the first in the world to commercialize a NAS® battery system which is characterised by large capacity, high energy density and long life. By storing fluctuating renewable energy such as wind and solar during off-peak times, NAS® batteries safely and efficiently supply reliable power during peak demands. With a capacity of six hours, NAS® batteries are the green alternative to fossil fuel peak plants. NAS® batteries can additionally provide any type of application depending on your needs, like deferral of grid and generation investments, provide on-peak / off-peak price arbitrage, frequency regulation, ramping services, voltage control and other grid functions.



High Voltage Substation Services (HVSS), an Independent Connection Provider (ICP) and Lloyd (NERS) accredited electrical infrastructure construction company, has a diverse portfolio of expertise often combined to offer a comprehensive and an industry leading service in design, installation and commissioning of
electrical infrastructure.

With several important solar and capacity connection projects in the immediate pipeline coupled with proactive strengthening of our workforce in recent times, we are well positioned to be the connection provider of choice in the UK. The connection to the grid of one of the last ever government feed-in tariff solar power plant has recently been awarded to HVSS. The 5MW Worsted Lane solar farm is to be connected to the11kV network through a 1.65kM length underground cable through the streets of East Grinstead. HVSS has been chosen to deliver both the Distribution Network Operator (DNO) and the client side Balance of Plant (civil & electrical) substations to achieve a seamless power export connection to the grid. This is a turn key project to plan, design, install and commission of two substations, and liaison with the incumbent DNO to enable the eventual adoption of the connection assets.


Pixii are experts in power conversion and energy storage.  Competence has been built over decades of experience in design, manufacturing and sales of modular power conversion solutions, bringing a new level of flexibility to energy storage solutions.  Pixii is headquartered in Norway and have a global reach through partners.  

Our primary focus is compact, modular and scalable energy storage in the range from 10 to 300 kW and up to 650 kWh. Key markets are Commercial & Industrial buildings and facilities and distribution system operators (DSO’s).

Our market potential goes way beyond this, as our solutions are scalable and very flexible. If you have an energy storage requirement in range mentioned above, Pixii can make it for you.


Powering Tomorrow, Samsung SDI Battery Solution for Energy Storage

Samsung SDI is leading the change of a new era with lithium-ion batteries. We led with the technological superiority through our constant innovation towards excellence.

We are contributing to the expansion of an eco-friendly environment by the deployment of batteries for energy storage.  ESS projects are deployed using Samsung SDI’s battery solutions optimized for a range from residential, Telecom, UPS to utility-scale projects.

We provide top safety, reliability and long-lasting performance with our Energy Storage solutions for the present and the future.