2021 Agenda

Making Money from Batteries

 - 09:30
Registration & 'How To' of Platform
 - 10:15
OPENING PANEL: Establishing Collaborative Schemes and Creating Better Market Viability Between Grid Operators and Networks to Increase Deployments of ESS Systems in Europe
  • What are the opportunities for pan-European collaboration to increase profitability of ESS systems, and what is already being done?
  • Removing barriers for deployment of ESS systems which lead to positive conditions for DSOs and TSOs
  • Widening access to the flexibility market and revenue opportunities
  • The successes and pitfalls of procuring flexibility on the distribution network
  • Will DSOs ever be able to own storage?
 - 11:15
KEYNOTE: Build Back Better: Energy Storage's Fundamental Role in the Green Recovery
  • Understanding the forecasts for storage - what has changed in the storage landscape during the COVID-19 era?
  • Is there the same appetite for energy storage assets being developed/installed?
  • Where does storage fit into the EU initiatives to rebuild the economy, and what effect will government policy have on the market?
  • Energy storage as an enabler for existing renewable projects: colocation, hybrid projects, power system flexibility for decentralised assets
Senior Representative
Risto Paldanius
, VP, Americas
, Wärtsilä
 - 12:30
PANEL: AC to DC: Lessons Learnt from the UK Since the Launch
  • What do the early days of the new market service Dynamic Containment say about where grid services in the UK are going?
  • What is the outlook for the ancillary services market in the future? What will the revenue potential look like?
  • How best to overcome challenges like operational metering when bidding into this market
  • Transitioning from FFR to DC services; can the system keep up with the pace of change?
  • Is it more important to articulate a clear, concise strategy rather than continuously roll out new services?
Ben Guest
, Fund Manager, British Strategic Investment Fund
, Gresham House
 - 13:45
ASSET MANAGEMENT PANEL: How Can Automation and Software Benefit Your Business?

It is essential for vendors, developers, and other stakeholders to understand the advances being made in automation and how to capitalise on them.

  • Software systems and aggregation platforms – playing a pivotal role in the industry
  • Significant financial and operational risks of premature degradation of battery-based systems
  • Software helping to reduce high upfront costs for energy storage systems by better efficiency and planning throughout lifespan
  • Predictive models and analytics – degradation, performance, average cycles per term are all factors taken into account
  • Modelling and digital twins
 - 14:45
PANEL: Storage for Whole-System Flexibility
  • The importance of modelling
  • Flexibility advantages for the energy system as a whole
  • Upgrading networks to ensure flexibility benefits all consumers
  • Community battery trials and implications for customers
Felix Keck
, Strategy Manager
, Ausgrid
Alex Buckman
, Practice Manager, Networks & Energy Storage
 - 15:30
PRESENTATION: Safety: Maximise Revenue, Minimise Risk

Safety and testing systems are more important than ever; make sure you don’t get caught out.

  • Why is it so important to buy your systems from a reputable company?
  • Testing and certification – the key to maximising revenue and minimising risk
  • Decreasing cost of capital and increasing bankability from the get-go
 - 16:30
PANEL: Stacking Your Odds: Which Revenue Streams are Most Profitable?
  • How to make the most out of your utility-scale battery project via the best combination of revenue stacking
  • What is real value-stacking and how to get services/revenue to match up
  • Trading: human or machine-learning led optimization strategies?
  • Adding to your bottom line with ancillary services
Mark Simon
, Eelpower
Aaron Lally
, Managing Partner
, VEST Energy
Senior Representative
, Sungrow Power
Bernice Doyle
, Head of Grid Services
, Statkraft