2021 Agenda

Making Money from Batteries

 - 09:15 GMT
Gerard Reid
, Co-Founder & Partner
, Alexa Capital
 - 10:45 GMT

What do current players and new entrants into the market really need to know when it comes to making the most out of battery storage? Hear from leaders in the space who share their expertise in this session.

  • Being in the know about realistic ways to generate revenue in the market you are playing in, being clued up if there are multiple revenue streams
  • Better software means better revenue - the larger the project, the more important sophisticated Energy Management Software becomes
  • Conducting effective and detailed modelling to get the most out of the asset pre-deployment
  • Trading limitations and understanding the capacity of a battery – avoiding pitfalls
Dr. Neville Towers
, Director of Wholesale Markets Optimisation
Daniel Greten
, Head of Sales, Overseas Storage
, Trina Storage
Alicja Kowalewska-Montfort
, Commercial Manager, Energy Storage
, Gore Street Capital
Jeroen Verbeeck
, Sales and Sourcing Manager
, Centrica Business Solutions
Andy Colthorpe
, Editor
, Energy Storage News
Björn Ullbro
, Vice President, Africa & Europe
, Wärtsilä
Ben Guest
, Managing Director, British Strategic Investment Fund
, Gresham House
 - 11:30 GMT
Terry Chen
, Head of Overseas Energy Storage Business
, Trina Storage
 - 12:40 GMT
  • What do the early days of the new market service Dynamic Containment say about where grid services in the UK are going?
  • What is the outlook for the ancillary services market in the future? What will the revenue potential look like?
  • How best to overcome challenges like operational metering when bidding into this market
  • Transitioning from FFR to DC services; can the system keep up with the pace of change?
  • Reserve and response reform - future strategy and areas of focus
Michael Lippert
, Director, Innovations & Solutions for Energy
Roger Hollies
, Chief Technology Officer
, Arenko Group
Devrim Celal
, KrakenFlex
Faye Relton
, Ancillary Services Development Manager
, National Grid ESO
Mike Ryan
, UK Commercial Director
, Habitat Energy
Robin Redfern
, Partner
, Everoze
 - 13:30 GMT

Get involved in our exciting virtual networking sessions, where you will meet in groups of 4 for 4 minutes to share contact information, insight and ideas with other industry professionals. All this from the comfort of your own home; this fun and snappy session will satisfy your desire to meet new people and bring back networking.

 - 14:00 GMT
  • A deep dive into the current trading landscape by the UK’s largest battery storage trading and optimisation company
  • Clear insight for developers, owners, investors and asset managers into the complex balance between investment risk and asset optimisation
  • Including EDF’s own modelling of the current trading landscape and the key trends moving forward in a post-COVID trading environment
Stuart Fenner
, Head of Energy Trading Services
 - 14:40 GMT

A three-fold presentation covering some of the most important aspects in energy storage. The energy storage concept that will satisfy all applications.

  • Ancillary services
  • Energy & Capacity services
  • Transmission and distribution services
Hariram Subramanian
, Chief Technology Officer
, Huawei
 - 15:45 GMT
  • How to make the most out of your utility-scale battery project via the best combination of revenue stacking
  • What is real value-stacking and how to get services/revenue to match up
  • Trading: human or machine-learning led optimization strategies?
  • Adding to your bottom line with ancillary services
Mark Simon
, Eelpower
Catherine Newman
, Limejump
Andy Hadland
, Chief Product Officer
, Arenko Group
Corentin Baschet
, Head of Market Analysis
, Clean Horizon Consulting
Aaron Lally
, Managing Partner
, VEST Energy
Andy Lycett
, Country Manager - UK & Ireland
, Sungrow Power
 - 17:00 GMT
Lauren Cook
, Analyst
, Solar Media
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