2020 Agenda

 - 09:00
Registration & Morning Refreshments
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Fireside Chat
Chair's Opening Remarks
 - 09:50
Panel Discussion
Plenary: The Bottom Line for European Storage
Due to increased interest, the definition of storage within the energy industry is currently under assessment. This session will explore how regulatory changes will affect the uptake of storage technologies across the board: • What actual impact do we expect to see following the classification of storage as a subset of generation? • What are the main challenges of regulating within an environment of rapid technology advancements and market disruptions? • To what extent do the current regulation and structures allow for development of new models, including the prosumer and domestic storage? • Resi-storage potential taxation issues
Wafa Jafri
, Director - Power & Utilities
Manuel Baritaud
, Senior Economist - Energy Department
, European Investment Bank
Pauline Blanc
, Manager, Energy Transition Insights
, World Energy Council
Madeleine Greenhalgh
, Policy Lead
, Regen
 - 10:10
Who'd Be A Developer?
Neal Kalita, Energy Storage lead for Hyosung UK will give some insight into an important but often forgotten role – the developer. Developer’s incubate and accelerate nascent markets; they react to market and pivot to opportunity. But first, they need a product, a process, a proposition and a lot of patience.
Neal Kalita
, Director of UK Energy Storage
, Hyosung Corporation
 - 10:30
EU Finance for Innovators
An introduction to the EU/EIB Energy Demo Projects (EDP) Facility, as well as the focus of EDP in the development and financing cycle. The presentation will also focus on upstream and downstream EU/EIB finance facilities for energy storage solutions in Europe.
Francois Gaudet
, Senior Loan Officer - Infrastructure & Special Projects
, European Investment Bank
 - 11:15
Interactive Roundtable
International Roundtables
After the morning session, we will break into regional roundtables including; Ireland, Italy, Western Europe, the MENA region and East Africa. Join these networking sessions for your chance to learn and reflect on other region's successes, failures and key takeaways.
Iona Trofimova Eliot
, Executive Director
, The Association for Borderless Renewables
Samuel Harden
, Senior Developer for Battery Energy Storage & Hybrid Systems
, Innogy Renewables
Tim Mueller
, Chief Technology Officer
, Belectric
Giorgio Perico
, Manager
Ian McClenny
, Energy Specialist
, RTI International
 - 11:55
Networking Break & Refreshments


 - 12:00
Fireside Chat
Chair's Opening Remarks
Chris Hewett
, The Solar Trade Association
 - 12:45
Panel Discussion
Arguing the Case for Co-Location
What is the business case for storage plus generation projects, and how can traditional solar/wind developers make the transition into the storage market? In today’s world, why would you build a renewable site which doesn’t include storage assets, and what happens with a longstanding PPA agreement when incorporating storage into an existing renewable asset?
Iona Trofimova Eliot
, Executive Director
, The Association for Borderless Renewables
Nick Heyward
, Head of Energy Storage - Markets
, Statkraft
Jake Dunn
, Business Development Manager and Project Lead - Battery Storage
, Vattenfall
Jing Liu
, Sector Head of Power, Utilities, Metals & Mining
, Sumitomo Mitsui Banking Corporation Europe Ltd
Eric Weemaels
, Technical Acquisition Manager
, Foresight Group EU
 - 13:10
Case Study: Preliminary Learnings from the Batwind Project
The first battery for offshore wind, installed in Peterhead through a joint venture with Equinor and Masdar Clean Energy. This session will explore how this 1MW battery test project that is co-located with a floating wind farm will feed into broader future strategies.
Jan-Georg Wagenfeld
, Energy Consultant
, Masdar Clean Energy
Hilde Strom
, Leading Business Developer - New Energy Solutions
, Equinor
 - 14:10


 - 14:15
Fireside Chat
Chair's Opening Remarks
Alexander Gilbert
, Senior Strategy Manager for Commercial Energy
, Transport for London
 - 14:40
Case Study: Energy Superhub Oxford
A joint case study from a local authority and developer leveraging a hybrid battery energy storage system to deliver a world-first integrated approach to decarbonising power, transport and heat. - Oxford’s net zero journey - Adopting an integrated approach to power, transport and heat - Energy Superhub Oxford: a model for smart local energy systems - Project partners, roles and timelines - Key lessons learnt to date
Tom Hayes
, Councillor and Cabinet Member for a Zero Carbon Oxford
, Oxford City Council
Tim Rose
, Programme Lead - Energy Superhub Oxford
, Pivot Power
 - 15:25
Panel Discussion
The Promise of EVs
EVs are gaining momentum around the world, so what have we learnt from those who have successfully implemented them in projects? What is the real added value that EV charging can bring to storage projects, and how do we make the most of those streams? This session will also cover finance models required when EV technology comes into play, as well as the age-old debate around V2G technology.
Edward Sargent
, Business Development Director
, Pivot Power
Mark Henderson
, Chief Investment Officer
, Gridserve
Iain Miller
, Head of Innovation
, Northern Powergrid
Alexander Gilbert
, Senior Strategy Manager for Commercial Energy
, Transport for London
 - 16:10
Panel Discussion
Facilitating Public-Private Partnerships
What are the main challenges the public sector and local authorities face in terms of implementing renewable projects? How can we facilitate public and private working relationships in energy? This panel will focus on using storage as an asset to combat fuel poverty for consumers and retrofitting existing projects - but will it be enough?
Jeremy Martin
, Energy & Sustainability Manager
, Southend-On-Sea Borough Council
Chris Tucker
, Head of Project Development
, Public Power Solutions
Alastair Mumford
, South West Energy Partnership Regional Programme Manager
, Devon County Council
Douglas Cape
, Project Development Executive
, iPower Energy
 - 16:15
Fireside Chat
Closing Remarks & Close of Conference