Sizing The UK Market Opportunity

Regulatory Framework

Feb 26, 2019


10 minutes

This stream will dissect each of the key market segments for energy storage
and will focus on these key themes:

  • What are the forecasts for ‘cross-over’ points at which each segment becomes economic for various applications?
  • What are the most popular revenue stacking models and why?
  • What will be the preference of battery chemistries for each segment?
  • What kinds of companies are most likely to establish themselves as real
    competitors in each space?
  • How do you achieve scale and build a sustainable pipeline?
  • What are the structuring risks for each segment?
  • What regulatory changes should players in each segment be lobbying for (at Ofgem, EU, BEIS level) to accelerate energy storage deployment, and what are the main regulatory risks we see which could delay capital investment and energy storage deployment
  • Where is most of the capital expected to come from for funding each segment?
  • And when are we most likely to shift to cheaper sources of capital?


Lauren CookSenior AnalystSOLAR MEDIA
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