NEW FORMAT: 4 Days of Content Across 2 Weeks!

23-24 February & 2-3 March


Roundtable Sessions (International)

We will be hosting various interactive sessions to mix up your morning, with the chance to interact directly with leading industry figures and get insight on specific countries and regions. Each session will last 45 mins; these sessions are first-come first-served, please get in touch if you would like to join.

(11:15) Iberia - hosted by UNEF & EDP Portugal

With recent announcements from Spain on their storage targets and Portugal’s solar tender with significant scope for storage add-ons, the Iberian market is ripe for investment and opportunity. Join this session to find out more, with a focus on policy and regulation.

Hosts: Alejandro Labanda, Director of Regulation & Studies, UNEF

Berto Martins, Director, Electricity Markets, EDP Portugal


(12:15) Italy - hosted by REF-E and Clean Horizon Consulting

Italy's TSO Terna SpA has just awarded five-year contracts for BESS to provide Fast Reserve grid services, as part of an over-subscribed auction in December 2020. This session will discuss what this means for the future of the storage market in Italy, and where the sector is a few months on from the auction.

Hosts: Paolo Marino, Director, REF-E

Michael Salomon Ph.D, CEO, Clean Horizon Consulting


(13:15) Ireland – hosted by the Irish Energy Storage Association

Ireland remains a hot market for storage following the DS3 auction in 2020, and they are already meeting the technical requirements with over 400MW of batteries on the grid. Here, we cover the future arrangements for system services and what will happen with the short-term reserve market in 2023?

Host: Frank Burke, Technical Advisor, Irish Energy Storage Association