Oakland Fu

Technical Manager, DuPont

Dr. Oakland Fu Technical Manager, Tedlar® product and Advanced Materials for China, DuPont Photovoltaic Solutions. In this role, he is active in raising the awareness about the critical role of materials in the solar industry both in China and worldwide. From year 2011 to 2014, Dr. Fu led the DuPont Photovoltaic Fluoromaterials China technical team and was involved in developing solar panel backsheet applications and building up the national standard to support greater durability for solar panels. He has conducted extensive research on failure mechanisms of solar panels, especially related to the durability of backsheets, and initiated field studies of large-scale solar farms in China to evaluate long term materials performance. He joined DuPont in 2006 and has held a variety of roles in R&D, technical and marketing.

Dr. Fu is recognized as an expert in solar backsheet materials, solar panel reliability and durability, has published multiple technical articles and patents, and is a well-known speaker at solar conferences in Asia Pacific. Dr. Fu graduated from the Chinese Academy of Sciences with Ph. D. in Materials Science and is based in Shanghai.


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