Jan Andersson

Market Development Manager
Jan Andersson

Jan Andersson believes in data transparency and collaboration. He takes the position that people are smart and capable of acting on all available information. Bringing all relevant data to the decision table is, therefore, the means by which Jan feels he can make a difference.
As Wärtsilä’s Market Development Manager, Jan has worked extensively in the German, UK and Irish markets to facilitate the change to more sustainable, decarbonised power systems. In this he has demonstrated his know-how in power system modelling to large audiences and energy enthusiasts. Jan is a problem-solver and a down-to-earth idea generator who outlines the big picture before jumping to conclusions. With his broad knowledge in energy technologies, e.g. gas engines, energy storage, district heating, and electricity systems, as well as his understanding of energy trading and finance, Jan brings clarity on how things are connected. He believes that the energy transition is a source for new business opportunities for the energy sector, and that by challenging conventional thinking and exchanging data and experience, the industry has real development potential. It is not surprising, therefore, that increasing collaboration between individuals, companies, and neighbouring countries across Europe, is what keeps Jan on the move.
Motivated to make a difference, Jan is happy to join international discussions aimed at increasing understanding on how the transition towards a clean energy future can be accelerated. He feels, however, that there is room for improvement in the sharing of expertise, experience and facts. For example, he explains that there is no single silver bullet to manage the energy transition, rather we need to leverage the benefits of different technologies, from thermal to storage to renewables, in order to be successful.

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