Bin Guo Speaker at Energy Storage Summit 2025

Bin Guo

Overseas Sales President BYD Energy Storage

Bin Guo, the Overseas Sales President of BYD’s Energy Storage Business Unit, is mainly responsible for the strategic layout and future development planning of the overseas energy storage business since 2012. The main work now includes the development and management of the overseas energy storage market and sales operations. So far, he has promoted BYD’s energy storage business to cover 21 countries and 96 cities around the world, and led the team to achieve sales volume rapid growth in the energy storage field. Since joining BYD in 2004, he has successively engaged in the development of EV power and energy storage products. He has been engaged in the field of energy storage for 18 years. In terms of research, its research results include a new generation of battery energy storage solutions (Brand New Utility-scaled battery energy storage solution).

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