Jim Dickinson Speaker at Energy Storage Summit 2025

Jim Dickinson

Executive Vice President, Global Sales Fireaway Inc.

Jim Dickinson has a rich background in the fire protection industry, starting with Great Lakes Chemical Company in the early 2000s and then moving on to companies like Honeywell Life Safety, Firetrace, and Reacton Fire Protection. His progression through progressively responsible sales roles shows that he has gained valuable experience and skills over the years.

Jim’s expertise in the fire protection industry, combined with his extensive experience in the Middle East, European, and Asian markets, makes him a valuable asset. His 15 years in Dubai will be beneficial with his deep understanding of the local business landscape and he has a well-established network in the region.

As a skilled sales leader, Jim possesses strong communication and negotiation skills, crucial in the competitive field of fire protection. His background in chemical manufacturing at the beginning of his career may also provide him with a unique perspective and insights into the technical aspects of fire protection.

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