Kate Garth Speaker at Energy Storage Summit 2025

Kate Garth

Senior Regulatory Affairs Manager RWE Renewables

Kate is the Senior Regulatory Affairs Manager covering all aspects of regulatory and policy development for RWE Renewables in Ireland, covering battery storage sites as well as on and offshore wind, and Hydrogen. Kate has more than 20 years’ experience in the electricity sector in the UK and in Ireland. She is fully immersed in all aspects of the Irish electricity industry and is a member of the SOEF Advisory Council.  In the UK, she works with RWE Renewables Capacity Markets and Ancillary Services Markets supporting the policy and regulatory aspects for RWE Renewables, UK.

Kate has a broad range of experience across all aspects of the industry and seeks to actively collaborate with stakeholders to deliver optimal outcomes for industry and consumers – and this does involve active and fearlessly challenging assumptions and acting as a “critical friend” when necessary.  Kate is actively involved across ESI and WEI and is the currently  Chair of both the Hybrids and Onshore Route to Market Working Groups.

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